Lifetime 1558 XL Base Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with Clear 52-Inch Square Shatter Guard Backboard Through the use of Lifetime 1558 XL Base Portable Basketball System, people would be surprised at how very advantageous portable hoop systems are.

This product offers to its users a very durable and very easy to use basketball playing arena at their home. After its assembly, transferring the hoop to any place would be simple and quick. Using the portable hoop’s rollers, a person can easily push it to a specified position and put sand in its base. That’s it! The user can enjoy the basketball hoop right away.

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Features of the Lifetime 1558 XL Base

  • Five-year long warranty period
  • Free shipment
  • Coated with powder that is resistant to rust
  • Five-gallon base for stability
  • Solid steel rim with double-compression spring
  • A 52 inches length backboard made out of Makrolon which is stronger than car acrylic
  • Basketball hoop that is height-adjustable
  •  Backboard that is shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Multiple wheels that is for portability
Lifetime 1558 XL Base Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with Clear 52-Inch Square Shatter Guard Backboard

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User Reviews of the Lifetime 1558 XL Base

Lifetime 1558 XL Base Portable Basketball System gained a fair review to its users. Many people who have bought it conclude that the product is really amazing, but are just dismayed with the shipment and installation headaches it gives to them.

The lifetime 1558 portable basket, according to its users, have a great design and high in quality. They praise product’s strengthened stability which can withhold a person with normal weight dunking and hanging briefly to its ring. Also, another thing some users appreciate with this portable hoop is it’s well-balanced and very easy to relocate base. Moreover, the height adjustable basketball hoop features embedded to it, according to some, added to more action to the product.

Some of the product’s users also concluded that buying the portable hoop is really worth it because of the durability and long period of service support on it. This Lifetime 1558 portable basketball has the capability to last for many years, even on ever changing weather. This was proven by the durability the product shown to its users during winter periods. Some other durability properties it has are the anti-rust feature and the anti-shatter board embedded to it.

The only problem on this portable hoop which a lot of the users experienced is the cumbersome delivery and hard assembly process of it. According to one of the user, he experienced on the delivery of the product that his package is shattered, which according to the delivery guy is because of the weak box wrapping the company made. Also, this user also stated that building the basketball system is very frustrating because of the incorrect instructional manual and labelling of its parts. Despite all this not-so-good comment, he still rated the product very high because of the greatness of its features after it was built.


Although it is not perfect, Lifetime 1558 XL Base Portable Basketball System is still highly recommended for people who want to have a very durable and not too expensive of a portable hoop.

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