When shopping around for a portable basketball system, having an idea of what to look for is important.  There are a few factors to consider before buying one. It should suit your needs or your children’s needs so you’ll be able to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System with 44in Acrylic Fusion Backboard

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court 44in Acrylic Fusion Backboard - Click for more info

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44-Inch Backboard

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable 44-Inch Backboard - Click for more info

Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System - 48in Polycarbonate Backboard

Spalding 72354 - 48in Polycarbonate Backboard - Click for more info

First thing to consider when buying a portable basketball system is where you’re going to place your portable hoop set. If the area is small, find a portable basketball hoop that has a smaller but sturdy base. Next is the height. There are now adjustable portable hoops on the market and they have an easy adjustment set to suit your height or your children’s height. Most important to consider is the portability of these basketball systems. Can they be moved easily and how quickly can they can be installed again are factors to consider.

Reputable brands have been making reliable and quality adjustable basketball systems for years so you can be sure that they are sturdy and of standard quality. It’s great for kids and adults who just want to have fun while playing basketball. This product has wheels which can easily move this portable hoop set anywhere you wanted. You can anchor the base by filling it with sand or water. Some boards are made of high-density polyethylene material.  Polyethylene is a durable material that will last for years and can resist wearing for a long period of time. However, some portable basketball hoop don’t have a breakaway rim. Therefore, it’s not safe for dunking. Rims can be quite stable with some having a one-and-a-half inch steel brace and their steel net hooks are welded. With most traditional basketball systems, poles are adjustable from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. Manufacturers usually offer a five year warranty so you’re really getting a great deal from their products.

A portable basketball system can be delivered to your doorstep when you order one at online sports equipment store. Images are available on their site so you’ll get a good picture of the product and how it looks outdoors or in a basketball court. Most reviews for this product says that some portable hoops are adequate for their price so you’ll get your money’s worth. As mentioned, it’s great for kids who are just learning to play basketball where the height of the pole is adjustable to suit your kids as they grow.

One great feature of a portable basketball system is that you can store it away when you’re not using it. It’s also a great way to bond with your friends or family and children. Playing ball with your portable basketball hoop is also a good form of exercise. It’s an inexpensive way of getting in shape without paying for gym membership fee and trainers. All you need is your basketball and portable basketball system.

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