Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System - 50in Polycarbonate Backboard The Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System – 50″ Polycarbonate Backboard is a good way to get kids engaged in some outdoor activities rather than sitting around the house all day. It’s a portable basketball system from Spalding, a trusted and world-renowned sporting goods brand especially famous for their basketball equipment line. This portable basketball system sure stays true to its name. It’s made from high quality materials designed for rough play.

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Features of the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System

  • The Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System can be placed in any open space around the house – from the driveway to the backyard, as long as it has a paved and level surface.
  • From the backboard to its frame, this basketball system is constructed with both efficiency and durability in mind.
  • The polycarbonate backboard, fifty inches in size, is especially ideal for people and players who like to play rough without having to worry that they’ll break the hoop.
  • Polycarbonate is a lot like the typical acrylic glass backboards of some basketball systems, except that it’s a lot harder to crack or break. This way, you can worry less about cracks and concentrate more on bank shots and dunks with more confidence.
  • The Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System frame is made from heavy-duty steel and is perched on a two-wheel base with a 34-gallon capacity that can be filled with either water or sand for stability of the whole basketball system during play.
  • The base cover can serve as a rebounder, while the 20-degree angle set by the 3.5 inch three-piece round pole attached to the base makes this portable basketball system both stylish and challenging.
  • Two other features make this system a convenient choice for getting kids into the game: the Pro Slam rim that can withstand even the most forceful slam dunks, and the ExactaHeight lift system that allows height adjustments from seven point five to ten feet.

Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System - 50in Polycarbonate Backboard

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User Reviews of the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System

Reviews for the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System border on the positive especially those concerning its overall design and structure. Assembly time varies from two and a half hours for some, to five to 6 hours for others. While some users put the system together by merely reading and understanding the building guide that came with the product, others found it more helpful to watch instructional videos online on how to assemble this basketball system. Others claimed leaks from the base when filled with water, bolts not fitting snugly into holes, and the net showing signs of wear after just a couple of weeks.

Despite its petty structural snags, the Spalding 66349 Portable Basketball System, with a little compromise, still makes for a durable leisure equipment that’s highly recommendable for families with young boys and girls who would like to get into sports with their very own practice hoop.

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