The Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System – 54″ Glass Backboard is for people who want an authentic looking basketball hoop, but do not have the ability to install a fixed portable hoop in their drive way or backyard because of HOA rules or other factors.  People often shy away from portable systems because you basically lose the feeling of it being “real”.  However, many portable basketball systems are stepping up to this challenge and the Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System is a great example of that.


Where To Buy?

We highly recommend (check current discounted price with free shipping) because you’ll be saving a lot.  You also get free-shipping, so you don’t need to worry about that extra cost.  You’ll definitely spend a little bit more money at brick and mortar stores.

The Glass Backboard Makes All The Difference

The backboard is made out of tempered glass that is 54″ from corner to corner.  It’s durable, it’s tough, and it banks your basketball shots like a stiff authentic NBA backboard.  Because it’s tempered, it will certainly stick around for a while and handle play against for a long while.  This is nice because you’ll probably be moving it around a lot when you’re doing playing with it, whether it’s back into your garage or storage unit.  The bottom of the backboard also has guards to protect you in case you hit while doing a layup or anything else when your hands are near it.

It’s Good For All Ages

That’s the beauty of portable basketball systems, most of them are height adjustable.  The Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System adjusts from 7.5 feet to a nice full regulation 10 feet.   It has a screw jack in the back that makes it easy to adjust up and down.  The screw jack system is safe and low enough for younger kids to use by themselves, which is an added bonus for parents who can’t be around all the time to adjust it.

Features of the Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System

  • Completely portable basketball system
  • Base has a capacity of 40-gallons that you can fill with water or sand
  • 54″ tempered glass backboard that is super durable
  • The rim is a “breakaway” rim made of steel, so you can dunk on it without worrying it will break
  • Adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet with screw jack
  • Easy assembly compared to other portable basketball systems
Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System

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User Reviews of the Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System

As of right now, there are 38 reviews on from people who have bought it, and the average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is really good!

Most of the buyers who bought this model were those who have spent a lot of time researching which basketball system they should buy.  A lot of them found themselves coming back to this one because of its sheer quality.  They like that it’s very durable and you can really feel that when you’re playing basketball on it.

Most are saying assembly is pretty easy, but you shouldn’t not read the directions.  They advise that you should take your time and have another person help you.

After everyone finished assembly, they felt compelled to come back and write a reviewer.  One of the reviewers was a 10 year old who had his dad help him put it together.  He loves that all the other kids are jealous of him and his authentic looking hoop.

If you’re someone looking for a basketball hoop that certainly replicates the feel of a real NBA system, this hoop should be at the top of your list.

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