Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System - 48in Polycarbonate Backboard Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System – 48″ Polycarbonate Backboard is another portable hoop that promises many years of basketball fun.

This product can easily be assembled and can instantly be moved to any location. The users of this basketball hoop can avoid long periods of building and moving of the hoop. The base of this product has wheels which gives it an easy-transport capability. Instead of cumbersome tasks, players can now spend more time in shooting, dribbling, and dunking.

Where Should You Buy It?

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Features of the Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System

  • Five year warranty period
  • Base that could be filled with either 37 gallons water or sand
  • Professional glide lift which provides height adjustability to it that ranges from 7.5 inches to 10 inches
  • 6 inches height increment
  • Forty inches long polycarbonate backboard with board pad
  • A white all weather basketball net
  • Solid steel rim that is durable to slam dunking
Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System - 48in Polycarbonate Backboard

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User Reviews of the Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System

Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System gained a reasonable review to its users. Out of 16 users of the product who reviewed it on; 3 people marked it with 5 stars, and 8 people marked it with 4 stars. This only proves that this portable basketball system competes for the best quality product for its users.

One person who has used the product concluded that this portable hoop system was disappointing in terms of its designs. The product has a thin backboard, small screws, and a skinny pole, which seems for its users to be very brittle and has the tendency to break easily. The thing is after it was used, the irregularities on its designs worked just fine and lasted for a long time. This reviewer also added that the product offers very useful and easy to use adjustable poles which even an 11 year old kid could operate.

Another problem on the product, according to some users, is the easy-to-break base it has. Some of its users experienced cracking on the base of the hoop after a very long time use. The good thing is that the company compensated the problem through offering a new base for a super low price. Through this, people could still enjoy a long time use of this basketball hoop.

On the other hand, the good thing about the product, which many users have noted, is the affordability of its price. They stated that this Spalding 72354 portable basketball system price out grades other products which offer the same features. They also stated that this product is perfectly suited for people who are rooting for a low cost and a highly usable basketball hoop.


Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System is a basketball hoop system that could be bought for a low cost. This is the reason why many people favor this product compared to others. Even though there are some problems on this product, it’s still highly recommendable.

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