Spalding 74560 The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop - 60in Glass Backboard The Spalding 74560 “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop is one of the best basketball products on the market today. It’s a portable basketball hoop that is gigantic, high quality, and super sturdy.  People are serious about a real basketball system should be looking at this model.

Where’s The Lowest Price?

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This portable basketball hoop has multiple wheels to make it easier to move from one place to another. The size and width of its backboard is also what separates this hoop apart from others. Its board size is almost identical with the recommended standard size of basketball boards, which gives its users a more enjoyable playing experience. Moreover, Spalding products and their parts are known to be built with quality so that they can last long periods of time. This is a key aspect of what attracts a lot of customers to Spalding’s products.

Features of the Spalding 74560 The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop

  • White ring net for all weather
  • Screw on its base cap that is water level
  • Two pieces of square shaped poles which are 5 inches long
  • Quarter inch thick backboard glass which is 60 inches long
  • Rim especially designed for professional image breakaway
  • Could be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet

User Reviews of the Spalding 74560 The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding 74560 The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop - 60in Glass Backboard

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The Spalding 74560 Portable Basketball Hoop received good reviews from those that purchased it. Out of 25 people who reviewed the product on, 14 reviewers rated it 5 stars and 8 reviewers rated it 4 stars. Only 1 person rated it 1 star, which only proves the high satisfactory rate of the product.

Although many voted the Spalding 74560 Portable Basketball Hoop as a great product on, the not-so-good review of one person stands out among the rest. This person acknowledges the great quality of the product.  The problem is that when it was delivered, there were some parts that were missing.  This problem, along with the low service support of the product’s manufacturer, brought a lot of headache to him.

Moreover, another reviewer also claims that putting together the beast portable hoop was difficult.  One person assembling it, according to the review, must put aside at least a day to build this portable hoop. The good thing is that this reviewer enjoyed assembling it and said that the product’s manual is truly helpful. This reviewer also added that after a long day, the hoop was perfectly built and now is withstanding any weather it encounters.

Most of the reviewers of the Spalding 74560 Portable Basketball Hoop on are still very happy with their purchase and most are highly recommending it to others.

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